Prejudice's Role in How to Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: Discrimination, Sociology, Character Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: October 18, 2000
In the book How to kill the Mockingbird, prejudice feelings play an important role in the main character's life. These same feelings play a big role in real life also. In the story, as in real life, many people are hurt by the prejudice feelings. The main character, Scout, has to deal with these issues throughout the book. However, they also teach Scout a valuable lesson.

This same scenario is evident in real life. Many people are prejudice towards other people, because of race, gender, or social status. I have witnessed this happen myself a few times. In some areas that I have lived, I have seen people disliked just because of their race or religion. This occurs in the book when the black and white issue is brought to attention. There have also been times when people have been favored over others because of social status. This also happens in the book, when Scout first runs into Walter Cunningham, the son of a poor but hard-working farmer. At first Scout does not even think that these people are at all like her. Then she learns that these people are just as good as her because they are hard-working, respectful people. This is the lesson that we can learn in life. In the news, sometimes we see incidents in which prejudice feelings cause physical confrontations between people. This is when we notice that this discrimination only hurts people, and it should be eliminated from life.

In How to Kill a Mockingbird, Scout has to deal with many instances where prejudice feelings are involved. She does not know what to think of the people that are considered lower than others by some people. Then, she learns that she likes most these people that she has met, and they are discriminated against by most the town. This is what people should realize in real life. If discrimination was eliminated, then a lot of hate would be too. However, at first meeting, some people can only judge on what race, gender, or of what social standings or group others are...
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