Pregnant and Incarcerated

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Inmates Rights
Fatima Smith
Everest University Online

Inmate Rights Defined
Even though prisoners do not have full Constitutional rights, they are covered by the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. This type of protection calls for prisoners to be given at least the minimum standard of living. Prisoners also get to keep some of their other Constitutional rights, including due process regarding their rights to an administrative appeal and the right to use the parole process. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment has been held to relate to prison inmates. As a result, prisoners are protected against unfair treatment on the basis of race, sex, and faith. Furthermore, the Model Sentencing and Corrections Act says that a confined person has a protected interest in freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or sex. But in order to maintain control in the correctional facilities, most prison do in fact take away a majority of the prisoners’ rights, even their freedom of speech is restricted.

Researched Case
In March 2009, Bethany Cajúne voluntarily turned herself into the Lake County Detention Facility in Montana to clear and complete an outstanding sentence for traffic violations. At the time she turned herself in, she was roughly four to five months pregnant, with five small children at home, and attending classes to obtain her GED. She was also coming to the end of a year of successful participation in a medication-treatment program for her addiction to opioid drugs. What Bethany didn’t know is that when she reported to the facility, that the detention facility officers would continually hold back her medication even as they heartlessly stood by and watched her condition seriously get worse. Even after repeated warnings of the serious risk that could be caused by a sudden withdrawal to Bethany and her unborn child, the facility still denied...

References: Baldwin K. M, Jones J. 2000. Women 's and Children 's Health Policy Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.
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