Pregnancy Outside the Womb

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An auction for Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgery notes, x-rays and other medical records was announced last October 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, USA. In one of her medical record, it is stated that the famous actress had ectopic pregnancy in the year 1957 (Reuter, 2013). Here in the Philippines, same pregnancy case was reported last December 2013 (Sun-Cua, 2013).

Pregnancy starts in fertilization. In normal pregnancy, fertilization occurs when a woman’s ovary releases an egg cell and it flows in the fallopian tube where one of the thousand of sperm cells would fertilize the egg. After getting fertilized, the egg would swim down to the uterus and there is where it would develop into an embryo, then fetus, and, finally, a baby. But in ectopic pregnancy, it is totally different. Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the egg cell is fertilized and develops outside the uterus, usually occurs in the fallopian tube. 98% of ectopic pregnancy actually happens in the fallopian tubes (Stoppler, 2013).

According to the website of mecinenet and webmd, out of 50 pregnancies there is only one case of ectopic pregnancy. It is very rarely happening. But in the United Kingdom, as reported at BBC News, there are about 12,000 cases of ectopic pregnancy each year and it is responsible for up to 80% of pregnancy-related deaths (2013).

Pregnancy outside the uterus could not easily be determined if a woman would not undergo in an ultrasound, but there are symptoms that could be observed. A patient would experience light vaginal bleeding which is unusual for a pregnant woman. She would also suffer from sharp stabbing pain in the abdomen even when slightly pressed. She would also experience pain in the shoulder, neck and rectum due to the blood from the formation of the embryo outside the uterus, gathering up under the diaphragm.

Ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube usually occurs because of defects in the tube. It might be the infection or the...

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