Pregnancy in Teen age

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Pregnancy in Teenager Ages
Teen pregnancy is an important issue over the world. In many societies it is an honor for parents to see their sons and daughters get married. Few years ago it was it was a shame for a lady to be pregnant while she is not married; even for the gentleman, it was misbehavior to have a child before to get married. As we are now at the end of the world, in the name of freedom many values were changed, parents have lost control over their teenagers. As results teenagers do what they want without measuring the consequences of their action. In USA, they have good system that hold accountable the author of the pregnancy, but most of time in developing countries, the tee mom and her parents take care of the baby. So, having sexual relations is part of life if not the most, but if it not well managed, these relations generate problems that engage whole the society in order to be solved. Teen pregnancy has negative impact on the life of the tee mom, her baby and even on whole the community. In the three articles, we will see how the negative impact was analyzed. 12 Studied Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

The study targeted the birth rates for women aged 15-19. In this article they established twelve negative impacts of teen pregnancy. The statistics method helped the researchers to find that Teen pregnancy rates have dropped more than 44% from1991 to 2010. Nevertheless, teen pregnancy is still an issue in USA for two main reasons: First, teen pregnancy cost a lot of money estimated to $10.9 billion annually. Second is that teen pregnancy often carries an elevated risk for both mothers and babies.

Impact related to the teen mom
The mothers are more likely to drop out of high school: The study conducted by Child Trend found that 50% of teen mother will continue to earn their high school diploma by age 22, compared to 89% of those who did not have a teen birth. They are also less likely to go to college: Nationally, less than 2% of young...
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