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Giving birth to a child is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen a woman do. The whole time my girlfriend was pregnant I could not help but wonder what was really going on in that stomach. The baby actually goes through three full stages of development called trimesters. Each trimester is very important in a pregnancy. The first trimester develops all of your baby’s systems and major organs. In your second trimester your little alien will start to take shape and look more human every day, and your third trimester will wrap everything up and get that baby ready to take its first breath and drive mom and dad crazy for the next eighteen years. (Kashtan, 2011). In my article I will break down the three trimesters a pregnancy goes through in order to create god’s gift to every parent.

In my opinion your first trimester is your most important trimester of your pregnancy. On the third week of your first trimester is when your baby is conceived. Your baby starts off right away forming its major organs like its heart, kidneys, liver and stomach. As soon as week six your baby begins developing facial features like eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and a chin. By this point your baby is forming his arms and legs, and growing a hundred new brain cells per minute. By week eight your baby can move its arms, legs, toes and fingers. To wrap up the first trimester your baby’s vital organs are starting to function, your baby is building muscle, systems are completely formed, bones and cartilage are forming, and you can see the baby’s heart beat with an ultrasound. (Kashtan, 2011).

Your second trimester is starts at week fourteen, as your baby begins to grow hair on its head, and body. Your baby will start kicking and stretching but may be too small to feel it yet. Week sixteen to nineteen is exciting because your baby will begin to develop eyesight, practice sucking and swallowing and you may begin to feel your baby moving around. (2011) Its skin will develop a protective...
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