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Mayzey Hernandez
Dr. Masilamony
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07 March 2013
The Choice is Yours; Play it Smart
There is no denying it; we see it everywhere we turn, people whom you would least expect it from, it becoming more common with each passing day as if people think it’s okay. Then we question ourselves, “Why do such an idiotic thing when you know it is not going to be such an easy task? Who is going to help you without asking for an explanation? Will you finish high school and make something out of yourself or just throw it all down the drain for something that could have been prevented?” People see young teenagers developing a baby bump early on in life; in addition, they praise them for something that does not deserve applause and “awes”. It should not be such a big deal of happiness and nice benefits for the pregnant teenager’s actions. Unwed pregnant teenage girls should not be offered government assistance because their actions were caused by irresponsibility, receiving government help takes a toll on society, and it does not send a good message to the youth and society in general. They need to learn the hard way and realize that not everything in life will be just simply handed to them.

Unwed teens that are sexually active with a partner need to use some form of possible birth control methods. William Dudley, author of Pregnancy, says that if you are a teen who is sexually active or even thinking about having sex, options such as options to control birth such as the birth control pill, injected contraceptives and condoms should be used and discussed with partner (26). Using any one of the forms listed above can help a girl prevent pregnancy if used appropriately. However, most young teenage girls who are sexually active are irresponsible for the fact that they use no form of protection or they don’t use any method correctly. Paula Edelson, author of Straight Talk About Teenage Pregnancy, says that not many teenagers use a form or protection, that being contraceptives or birth control, and that some teenagers who do use a form of protection, use it incorrectly (11). Those are the teenagers that have the mentality “It won’t happen to me” or “Everyone is doing it” as stated by Dudley (29). Dudley states that teenagers do not have the right information about pregnancy, believing they cannot become pregnant the first time he or she has sexual intercourse; in reality, a sexually active unwed teen can get pregnant any numbered time she has had sex, whether it be the first, second or even fifth time (22). Therefore, they think they cannot possibly become pregnant during their first time participating in sexual intercourse, but the fact of the matter is that unwed teenagers need to be a lot smarter about sex and think thoroughly with decisions pertaining to sex because actions do have consequences that follow after them. Pregnancy is a life changing event. Because of recklessness, “A lot of teens get pregnant by mistake, and they make up the majority of teen moms. Out of the almost 1 million teenage girls who become pregnant each year, 85 percent don’t plan their pregnancy…” (Dudley 37). What is being said here is that sexually active unwed teenage girls do not expect to become pregnant and do not give it much thought until it is too late. When an unwed teen becomes pregnant because of their recklessness, they add to the statistic of the third of teen moms living in poverty, and being unable to get a good job or go to college, regardless if they finished high school as explained by Dudley (38). That is something an unwed teenage mom has to live with the rest of her life, not being able to accomplish what she may have set for herself before becoming pregnant. Perhaps she may have to drop out because of such an inconvenience, but then again the pregnancy could have been prevented in a number of ways. Planned Parenthood is another form of preventing unwanted pregnancies. They do not want teens to have sex, but they know...

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