Topics: Hypertension, Blood pressure, Blood Pages: 54 (14959 words) Published: April 14, 2013
“An Analysis on the Factors

Responsible For the Progression Of

Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Hypertension

In Pregnancy, and Prescribed Medications

In Dhaka City”

A dissertation submitted to the Department of Pharmacy, Bangladesh University in the Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm).

Submitted By
Nusrat Saltana
ID: 200821212009
Pharmacy, 12th Batch

Bangladesh University
Date of Submission: 19th December, 2012

Dedicated to ……………
My Parents and All of My Teachers

|Contents | Page No. | |Acknowledgement | 04 | |Summary | 05 | |1. |Chapter One: Introduction | 06-65 | |1.1. |Hyperemesis Gravidarum | 09 | |1.2. |Hypertension | 24 | |2. |Chapter Two: Methods And Materials | 66-69 | |3. |Chapter Three: Result And Discussion | 70-78 | |4. |Chapter Four: Conclusion | 79-80 | |5. |Chapter Five: References | 81-84 |


All Praises are to the Supreme Being, Creator Almighty Allah the ruler of the universe, whose mercy keeps us alive and enable to pursue our education and thanking for showing me the right path of securing special knowledge in pharmacy. Discipline and to complete the project work on “An analysis on the factors responsible for the progression of hyperemesis gravidarum and preeclampsia in Pregnancy, and Prescribed Medications in Dhaka City” for the Fulfillment of Requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Project work is a part and parcel to complete the B.Pharm (Hons) course. I am grateful to Jeb-Un-Nesa, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, Bangladesh University for arranging my project work.

I am also grateful to our honorable teachers of pharmacy department and also thanks to hospital staffs, patients and doctors for their kind help and cooperation. In order to accomplish the objective of Bachelor of Pharmacy program this is concerned with the ability to gain academic knowledge both in pharmaceutical science and professional skill.

Last but not the least, thanks to almighty Allah for giving me the golden opportunity to complete my project work.

Nusrat Saltana

The present study was carried out in Dhaka, Bangladesh for 3 Months. The survey was carried out on pregnant women at several hospitals in Dhaka city. Among all patients who were involved in the study, among all patients 59% patients were suffering from preeclampsia and 41% patients from hyperemesis gravidarum. Praeclampsia patients 70% were aged above 30 years and 25% patients were aged between 21 to 30 years. It was found that, no patient found under 20 years suffering from preeclampsia. 73% patients were suffering from preeclampsia at their third trimester and 27% patients during second trimester. 58% patients had family history of preeclamsia, 33% had obesity, 8% were under weighted, 8% patients were carrying twins and 42% patients had history...
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