Preferential Treatment Towards Juveniles, by the Courts, Is Justified.

Topics: Sociology, Morality, Crime Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: August 18, 2011
I agree that preferential treatment towards juveniles is justified. This is because juveniles are in the process of puberty, and are mentally under developed. Juveniles are after all still legally dependant on their parents, and therefore the blame for committing crimes should be on their guardians. Besides these, juveniles tend to have a higher chance and ability to go through rehabilitation compared to adults, thus rehabilitative methods are preferentially used in juvenile courts as a substitution for jail terms or caning.

Firstly, preferential treatment towards juveniles is justifiable as juveniles are in the process of puberty, the insufficient existence on Earth to understand and accept social norms and rules, resulted in them committing such crimes with passion and no forethought. As juveniles are in the process of puberty, they are sometimes unable to differentiate right from wrong, which results in them committing crimes without thinking of the plausible consequences, and without understanding the consequences of such actions. Puberty will result in juveniles being emotionally unstable and certain provocations may trigger their emotions and cause them to react in a violent manner. This shows that majority of juvenile crimes are not premeditated and therefore a preferential treatment towards juvenile is justifiable.

Also, juveniles refer to young persons aged below 16. A juvenile is under the responsibility of the parents and that legally, the parent is responsible for his actions. Since parents are responsible for their child’s upbringing, and for providing a healthy environment and inculcating correct values, parents should shoulder the blame and the child should have preferential treatment in court. This is the result of certain extenuating circumstances such as putting the child in unsafe environments may have caused him to commit crimes. Therefore, as parents are the legal guardians, they are responsible for the child’s actions, as well as the...
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