Preference of Brands for College Going Students

Topics: Male, Gender, Brand Pages: 12 (2007 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Vidyalankar School Of information technology

research project

teacher incharge
:Mrs.Swati vispute

Vidyalankar School Of information technology

research project

teacher incharge
:Mrs.Swati vispute

Overview of the project
Overview of the project

Members part of the Research
Group members:
Name Roll no
Monit Chauhan11B906
Bhavesh Chhajed11B908
Vikas Jain11B916
Stewart Serrao11B940
Sorabh Shandilya11B942
Bhavani Singh Shekhawat11B943
Kaveshna Shete11B944
Mohd. Arif Shaikh11B953

We hereby declare that we have made this project to the best of our capability and the information provided in the report is true to best of knowledge.   

We are thankful to our professor Mrs. Swati Vispute for her  guidance throughout our project work.  We are grateful to all our respondents who made time to give us the information.



We had a group discussion regarding which topic to choose. We wanted to choose such a topic on which research is possible.The first step we did is that, we told our group members to suggest us some topics for research. Our members suggested around 3 to 4 topics, but we came to a conclusion to choose the above mentioned topic. This innovative topic was suggested by our Group member Mohd. Arif Shaikh.The reasons why we chose this topic is because of the following reasons: 1.We are teenagers and in this 21st century every single student prefers buying branded products. 2.We want to study the Human Psychology behind this

* The main Aim behind doing this survey was study the Human Psychology behind brands. *
Literature review
Teens and brands the preponderance of rather limited literature on teen brand attitudes has focused on the influence of socialization agents. In 1977early research showed that parents influence children's clothing brand choices by acting as role models as per the research conducted by Ward and Wackman. In 1990 according to a research done by Bearden and Randall ,Adolescents frequently communicate with their peers prior to making purchases in order to maintain group identity.In 1997, Shim and Koh found that teens that interact more with peers about consumer matters exhibit a more brand-oriented decision making style.In 1999,Darley said that Clothing offers teens a means of self-expression or a way of coping with social situations. In 2000, McLaughlin argues that echo-boomers are skeptical of advertising because they have been inundated with it.In 2001, Auty and Elliott seem to hold similar views as they contend that conforming to the fashion that is accepted by the group is more important than choosing brands that express one's own identity.In 2002, Taylor and Cosenza argue that self-expression is especially

important to the echo-boomers and found that clothing style, look and fit were the three most important clothing selection criteria used by 16 to 19 year-old females. They also found that this age group was preoccupied with social acceptance, social affiliation and "coolness" attached to make the "right" clothing choices. Interestingly, brand/label received the lowest ranking in the study by them. However, as noted by Weiss in 2003,echo-boomers tend to not be brand loyal.Indeed, the average American 21 year old has been exposed to 3,000 marketing messages a day throughout their lifetime.In 2005,Dotson and Hyatt examined the impact of gender on peer group influence and found that girls report being more influenced by peers than do boys in terms of their preference for certain clothing brands. United States American teens have a healthy appetite for apparel. According to the Packaged Facts (2007) "Teen Market in the U.S. Report," the 26 million American 12- to 17-year olds earn an aggregate income of $80 billion. Spending on and by U.S. teenagers is forecast to exceed $208 billion...
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