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A good marketing plan is an essential factor for a prospective business to succeed. Many business proposals end or fail due to a lack of importance given to the marketing plan and hence potential lucrative businesses and careers come to a standstill. With the misfortune of a weak marketing plan, and not for a lack of effort or capability, a superb business idea may not be given the chance to grow in the market. Ultimately, neglecting to give significant importance to this field, will lead to failure to deliver the product adequately to the world.

This marketing plan was generated and designed to take you through the marketing aspects of the ShareAzy Business proposal. This reader will describe and outline the prospective business, its credibility, and likeliness to succeed and illustrates the potential market response, derived from the market research conducted. Each chapter is written in such a way that you clearly understand the different aspects taken into account in terms of the business’ functioning, competition, statistics and internal and external analysis.

Four students who are aspiring entrepreneurs wrote this marketing plan. We divided our work up according to our strengths and abilities. Being a dynamic and multi-skilled group, we had a highly cooperative and functional experience and workflow. The work was divided amongst us equally; there was no tension between group members even during tense times wherein deadlines were close by. It took a great deal of self-discipline and will power in each of members to push though sometimes but at the end of the day we all pulled through. There were some difficult times we had to over come individually and as a group but fortunately the hardships were only external and not between ourselves.

At the end of this reader we have given credit to our sources used in order to aid us in the writing of our marketing plan. But we would like to also give credit and thanks to several individuals as a...
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