Predatory Lending and Kansas City

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Communities Creating OPPORTUNITY NOW Agenda—October 18th, 2011, 6:30pm to 8:15pm Yellow highlight=needs revision or update
Magenta highlight=program team help cue the audience to participate through applause, sign waving, cheers, standing Red means this is a pin question—commitment question we are asking to those present in the audience or our elected officials or civic leaders. Green highlight means we will reinforce this point with a power point slide or graph. 6:00 pm  God's Power Band will provide transition music. They will also perform one solo song midway during the program.                                                   6:10 pm  Come Together Choirs Start:

1. Congregation/Choir name: Our Lady of Peace Catholic
Song selection: "Con Fe" (5min)
Number of people in choir: 12-15
2. Congregation/Choir name: St. Peter CME -
Song selection: "Let the Glory of the Lord Rise Among Us" (5min) Number of people in choir: 12-15
3. Congregation/Choir name: Ander's Choir
Song selection: "STILL NEED SONG TITLE"? (5min)
Number of people in choir: 6
6:30pmLogistics & Recognition of I AM exhibit: (Co-Chairs) * REV. JOHNSON: Welcome, as you are finding your seats, please make sure you have signed in, have an Opportunity Now sticker! Restrooms can be found in the main lobby to the right. Make sure to turn your cell phones off. Translation headsets are available. * ORLANDO GALLARD0: Tenemos equipos de traduccion en la mesa de registracion. Announces availability of headsets in Spanish. * REV. JOHNSON: CCO cares about the experience of all our people in this United States of America, our Land of Opportunity. Tavis Smiley presents America I Am: The African American Imprint at Union Station Oct 22 - Jan 8. The exhibit traces the indelible imprint African Americans have made on America. Our stories - some filled with opportunities, others with restriction are inseparable from the story of America itself. The exhibition includes over 300 rare and original objects and artifacts from the 1600s to 2009. * We want to thank Union Station and their director George Guastello for bringing this exhibit to Kansas City and for the incredible hospitality shown to CCO this evening by the Union Station team. 6:34pm4. Congregation/Choir name: Faith Deliverance Family Worship Center * Song selection: "STILL NEED SONG TITLE"? (5min)

* Number of people in choir: 15-20

6:39pmWelcome & Purpose: Co-Chairs (Rev. Jennifer Thomas & Rev. Harold Johnson) * REV JOHNSON: Welcome to the Communities Creating OPPORTUNITY NOW action. I am Rev. Harold Johnson from Faith Deliverance Family Worship Center in Kansas City, Kansas and I am proud to introduce my co-chair Rev. Jennifer Thomas, from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kansas City, MO. So what is an African American male, Church of God in Christ minister from Kansas City, KS doing with a Caucasian female Lutheran Minister from Kansas City, Missouri? We believe we together have the ability to solve our own problems by uniting through faith based community organizing. And we are celebrating the victories we have already achieved. We also believe there are far too many concerns keeping our families up at night, especially now, and we are committed to bringing the right people together to create new opportunities through innovative solutions and systemic change. * REV JOHNSON: Communities Creating Opportunity is a diverse and thriving community of congregations, community organizations and leaders. We welcome you here this evening! We have a threefold plan for this Opportunity Now community action * First, we come from across the states of Kansas and Missouri and from within our Kansas City Metro to demonstrate that despite our differences in race, creed, income, political orientation and geography, we can create opportunity together. * Second, we come together to present our Opportunity Now agenda. This...
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