Precision Buying, Merchandising and Marketing at Sears

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Case Study: Precision Buying, Merchandising and Marketing at Sears.

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Name: Manish Bharti
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What were the drivers of SPRS?

Sears started with 18 data centers, originally consisting of ten geographical regions and eight departmental centers During 1980 Sears started loosing market share. One of their response strategies was restructuring its mall based stores. When Sears reorganized, only seven geographic regions remained. This reduction produced numerous mismatches in query results and required multiple queries to produce answers to seemingly simple problems. Summarized data made it difficult to conduct analysis. Finally, errors were virtually inevitable when calculations were based on data from several sources. This forced Sears to implement SPRS

How did the data warehouse solve Sears’ problems?

The single sales data warehouse replaced eighteen obsolete legacy sales reporting systems. The single repository enabled removal of redundant and conflicting information with following benefits:

• Sears now fine-tunes its buying, merchandising and marketing strategies with previously unattainable precision. • SPRS allows authorized employees to view necessary information from a multidimensional perspective (by region, district, store, product line and individual item). • Sears managers can monitor examine and adjust inventory quantities, merchandising and order placement along with myriad other variables, so they can respond quickly to environmental changes.

Why was it beneficial to integrate the customers’ database with SPRS?

Sears is able to coordinate all of their customer records. The benefit is the ability to offer customized sales and targeted discounts to improve customer sales and satisfaction. The testimony to this is Sears retailing profit have climbed more than 20% annually since SPRS was implemented.

How could RFID change Sears’s operations?
With the aid of RFID...
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