Precision Buying, Merchandising and Marketing

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CONTENTS 1.0 Aim and Objectives 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Tally User Classification 1.2.1 Single user - Silver 1.2.2 Multi user – Gold 1.3 Tally Activation Form 1.4 General features 1.5 Accounting feature 1.5.1 Comprehensive accounting system 1.5.2 Categorization of account 1.5.3 Ledger group administration 1.5.4 Audit trail, Drill down display 1.5.5 Extracting reports 1.5.6 Bank reconciliation 1.6 Inventory features 1.6.1 Stock group, category and classification 1.6.2 Physical stock position 1.6.3 Stock transfer, adjustments 1.6.4 Multiple godowns, stock evolution 1.6.5 Multiple rate price lists 1.6.6 Actual bill quantity 1.6.7 Tracking through receipts/delivery notes 1.7 Accounting and Inventory management 1.8 Let us sum up 1.9 Points for discussion 1.10 Check your progress 1.11 Lesson-end activities 1.0 AIM AND OBJECTIVES In this Unit we will discuss the origin and features of Tally accounting software and the Accounting and Inventory features. After going through this unit, you will be able to, i. Describe Origin of the Tally Division ii. List down the User Classification iii. Explain Comprehensive Accounting System iv. Discuss Accounting and Inventory Management System 1.1 INTRODUCTION

Tally is versatile and massive software package. It is used by various types of trade and industry. Tally Software business was set up in 1986 by late S.S. Goenka, who was the founder

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of the company Peutronics Private Limited., Bangalore. He mentors his son Bharat Goenkar in creating software that would handle the financial accounts for his business. Bharat Goenkar spends a lot of months to develop path breaking technology. Tally is user friendly software used to solve all the complicated accounting structure. Bharat Goenkar is the original architect and programmer of the Tally Accounting systems and also developer of the “No-Code” concepts of accounting entities. Tally is a globally recognized name with 2 million users in over 90 countries experiencing the “Power of Simplicity”. This value is reflected in innovative, uncomplicated and customer-centric approach. Tally recognizes its own format in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) from which data can be imported into Tally. To export your database file application to tally, you have to export data in tally acceptable format in ASCII. The milestone statement of the Tally division is “Continuously doing the right thing”. 1.2 TALLY USER CLASIFICATION Tally ies (integrated enterprise solution) 7.2 provides you with two specific classification Licensing. They are Ø Tally Silver for Single –User Ø Tally Gold for Multi-User 1.2 .1 TALLY SILVER FOR SINGLE-USER The single-user Licensing allows the consumption of Tally on only one computer with an option of activating it online or offline. However, you can use the same Tally license on another computer, by granting the license activated on the first and reactivating it on the other. If you are an Offline user, you can take a request file to a computer, which has Internet connectivity and activate your copy of Tally easily. 1.2.2 TALLY GOLD FOR MULTI-USER The multi- user Licensing feature facilitates the use of Tally on any number of computers connected to a local area network (LAN) with a provision of activating the license online or offline. However, the method of activation is no different from the one followed in Single User licensing system. After the successful installation of multi- user license on the License server, you can have Tally start when Windows starts and run as a service in the background. The License clients may install and use Tally later on. 1.3 TALLY ACTIVATION FORM

Activation Form The first time you run Tally after installation, the Activation Form dialog window will be...
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