Precede or Proceed

Topics: Health, Focus group, Epidemiology Pages: 5 (1216 words) Published: October 24, 2012
1.) Within the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model and using what you have learned about epidemiology, what kind of data would be included within an epidemiological assessment? Please describe.

In the PRECEDE phase of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, epidemiological data would include predisposing, reinforcing and enabling constructs such as genetics, behavior, and community.

In the PROCEED phase of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, epidemiological data would include environmental data from sources such as primary interviews with affected individuals and communities. This data would be used for the purpose of influencing and correct health and behavioral policies, and regulation.

2.) Choose 2 phases within MATCH. Using these two phases, brainstorm and briefly describe what you would do if you were given the task of developing a nutrition information board at a corporate/company fitness center. The employee ages range from 22-64 years old.

The MATCH model, an acronym for Multilevel Approach to Community Health, consists of five phases: goals selection, intervention planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. Focusing on the first phase, goals selection the following goals may be sought in the development of a company nutrition information board:

Goals Selection
1. Improve employee health
2. Increase employee productivity
3. Improve work environment

Whereas focusing on phase four, implementation, the following activities may be implemented to achieve the goals stated above.

Implementation Activities
1. Posting nutrition information boards in all work areas
2. Create interactive digital nutrition boards
3. Provide employee incentives for healthy diets

3.) Write 3 objectives for a program of your choice. Utilize your text as well as the internet in your research. Also briefly explain the type of program.

Teen Mom Breastfeeding Program
Teenage childbearing has been the subject of long-standing concern among the public and policy makers. In 2009 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that teenagers who give birth are much more likely to deliver a low birthweight or preterm infant than older women, and their babies are at elevated risk of dying in infancy. The three following objectives are achieved by teen moms who choose to breastfeed: 1. Reduction in illnesses in breastfed babies compared to babies whose nourishment comes from baby milk formulas; 2. Increase in bonding and closeness of mother and baby, making infants feel greater security, warmth and comfort; 3. Increase in the mother’s oxytocin levels through skin to skin contact with the baby, thereby calming the mother and child.

4.) What are some ways you could advertise a health fair or expo? List three and briefly describe each.  
Three ways to advertise a Health Fairs or Expos:
1. Media Advertising, such as local newspaper, radio, internet and television 2. Direct advertising, such as handouts, brochures, church bulletins 3. Health clubs, such as Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Bally’s, Crunch

5.) List and describe two examples of an evaluation method (example: feedback or suggestion section of a Website).

Two examples of evaluation methods:
1. Questionnaires
Provide simple and effective tools to collect information from a large number of people. They are used to gather information about the community or the results of a product.

2. Focus Group
A small group gathering, conducted by a moderator to collect information from group participants. During the focus group discussion, usually a small group with some shared characteristics, participants are led through a defined series of questions where information that is shared is collected for research purposes.  

6.) Of the five types of diagnoses discussed (social, epidemiological, behavioral, educational, or administrative), what would a focus group be classified as? Briefly explain your answer.

A focus group would most likely be...
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