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Topics: 21st century, Guinness World Records, Twin Galaxies Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: October 4, 2010
My Favorite Author

In case you do not recognize the man in the picture, this is James Patterson. Mr. Patterson was born, March 22, 1947, in Newburgh, NY. Several of his books, were turned into movies. I am sure you recognized such titles as, “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider”. He also had one to be television shows, “Women’s Murder Club”. So far I have read three of his books that I really like. I have only had on of his books that I could never get into. I tried reading that book for several days and just did not get it. James Patterson is just one of the best selling authors in the 21st century. Mr. Patterson has sold somewhere around 170 million books worldwide. He was featured in the Time magazine as “The Man Who Can’t Miss”. James Patterson’s books are so interesting because he keeps you guessing. You can not go by the title. The old saying, “Never Judge a Book by Its Cover”, well by reading his books I believe he came up with that slogan. While reading up on Mr. Patterson, I came across a list of his books. I knew who was a good author and all but I never knew he had written so many books. I made sure I copied and pasted a list so I can decide what book to read next. Mr. Patterson has a spot in the Guinness World Record for the most books sold by a single author.
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