Pre-Socratic Philosophers

Topics: Water, Oxygen, Ocean, Earth, Precipitation, Water cycle / Pages: 2 (411 words) / Published: Sep 2nd, 2017
Some of the Pre-Socratic philosophers were rational and some were not. When Thales determined that the main principle element was water, he rationalized from his observance that the main ‘nutriment’ in all things is moist and that water is the origin of moisture. He rationalizes that heat itself is generated from moisture which he was most likely referring to humidity in the air. He observes that even our very breath contains moisture. Another point he ties together is that the world is held up by water and ‘quakes’ happen because of the water’s movement.

We know today that water is the basis in all living things on earth. Therefore, his rationale was not off on this point. Water is heated by the sun and the air becomes moist and warm.

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