Pre-Sedentary Humans VS. Village Dwellers

Topics: Neolithic, Human, Stone Age Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Yasmin L. Sarah
Period three

Compare and Contrast: Pre-sedentary Humans (Hunter-Gatherers) Versus. Village Dwelling Humans

If you analyzed the society of pre-sedentary humans to those who lived in villages, you’d find several connections that link the two, and how they evolved into that of society today. However, the lifestyle of humans dwelling in villages or towns developed differently, efficiently and contrasted greatly with that of its ancestors; the pre-sedentary humans. A few branches they differed from include food production—the cultivation of plants and animal domestication versus hunting and gathering, a higher social structure—development of artisans, farmers, long-distance traders, local merchants and priests/kings, and technology—whether the changes in technology depended on the revolution of humans, themselves. For instance, while the earlier pre-sedentary humans based their food production off of hunting and gathering, their kin developed the backbone to a socially and politically stable nation: agriculture.

To start off, when humans first began to inhabit the earth, they adapted to the environment and learned how to survive. In terms of survival, they began with food production, which, in the pre-sedentary society, consisted of hunting and gathering. The hunter-gatherers were a nomadic group and migrated from one place to another—following the migration patterns of the animals they hunted. Hunting and gathering was also gender biased; men hunted animals while the women gathered grains, various nuts, and crops. However, as time progressed, agriculture was developed. The transformation from nomadic, hunter-gatherer groups to organized, agricultural communities—although unappealing—was essential in order to survive. This replaced hunting and gathering, and was the base of food production for the humans who lived in early villages and towns. There were exceptions, however. In Southern Japan, the Jomon people supported...
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