Pre-Implementation Genetic Diagnosis Ethical Issues

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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
“Is it morally correct?”

By: David T

How would you feel to be able to know how your child look like before they are born? Preimplantation genetic diagnosis can make it possible for couples to select genetic traits of their newborn baby prior to pregnancy. For example, a couple could select the eye color, height, and sex of their baby through the embryo. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis known as PGD, have controversial issues of whether or not it is ethical to select genetic traits for the fertility. Personally, I felt that it is okay to use PGD for fertilization to certain extent. It is morally correct to use PGD to avoid genetic traits that will harm the future child, such as genetic diseases of cancer or heart problems. However, I believe it is not morally correct to use PGD to single out traits to purpose the perfect child based on looks and characteristics.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis begin with the process of invitro fertilization. The ovary is stimulated through medication, then the egg is retrieved and fertilized in the laboratory. The first step is to remove one or two cells from the embryo. Then, DNA is retrieved from the cell and copied through a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The last step is molecular analysis, the sequences in the DNA is analyzed to find problems in the genes due to genetics. After the specified embryo is selected, it will then be transferred through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT).

PGD may be beneficial for couples that are at risk for passing genetic disease to their future child. It can ensure a healthier pregnancy for women ages 35 and over. Women during the age will go through menopause, in which pregnancy is not recommended by doctors. Couple who are carriers of sex-linked genetic disorders, contain defects in their genes and chromosomal disorders may consider using PGD for pregnancy. The technology behind PGD support the positive impacts it might have on couples. The process is performed prior to the implantation of embryo, and may reduce the needs for amniocentesis in pregnancy. If the couple change their mind, and feel that they are not ready for a child, it can be decided; PGD is performed before the implantation of embryo. It can reduce the probability of birth defects because the couple can select the genetic traits prior to implantation. Lastly, PGD can allow the couple to have biological children by selecting their traits. However, this feature cause the issue of morality because it goes against the act of faith or deity.

The use of science through PGD will disregard the nature of living, because humans faces challenges such as health issues and consequences. The idea of faith does not occur when trying to produce a perfect human being with godly traits. In life, humans seek to solve problems they face such as alcoholism, obesity, baldness, depression, and other rigors. Any problems faced life have solutions depending upon the individual's motive and wants. There are AA meetings to aid those who are alcoholics, and rehab for those who need to be treated more seriously. For those who are obese, there are treatments such as diet and fitness sessions. For those who suffer through genetic with baldness, there are hair transplants treatment. For those who are depressed, there are dedicated individuals who became therapists that can aid you with the help of modern medicine. The problems in life teaches a human being to be a better person, because the sense of improvement is one of the basis of morality. The famous philosopher, Aristotle, will agree to the statement that the virtue of human beings should flourish through eudaimonia.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis will also harm those who are handicapped. The people who are handicapped did not choose to have the defects, and they tried their best to benefit themselves or cure...
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