pre feasibility study

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This Agreement is made as of December 03, 2013 (the “Effective Date”), by and between

The Owner: Mr. Jake C. Alim

For the following Project: A Pre-Feasibility Studies for “A Proposed

The Project Architect is: Ar. Ann Jay S. Centeno

The Owner and the Architect agree as follows:

This form of agreement for Design/Build project delivery has been prepared by the The legal terms of this agreement should not be altered without the approval of the

2.2 Pre-Feasibility Studies

These preliminary studies involve the procurement, analysis and use of secondary information gathered for the project to aid the Client in early decision-making. They represent the Architect’s initial assessment of a project’s soundness, allowing the Client to promptly explore available/ readily identifiable directions/ options. Researched/ processed/ validated secondary data are generally used for such studies e.g. electronic, print, etc.

2.3 Feasibility Studies

Detailed analysis of the project based on pre-feasibility studies will determine the viability of a proposed development. The studies will set the project against present and future trends to forecast how it will perform over time. This requires primary data gathering and analysis.

2.4 Site Selection and Analysis

This entails the formulation of site criteria, assistance to the Client in site evaluation as well as analysis to determine the most appropriate site/s for a proposed project or building program.

2.5 Site Utilization and Land-Use Studies

The detailed analysis of the site involves the identification of a site’s development potentials through the proper utilization of land. The analysis covers the context of the site as well as that of its surrounding environment and the development controls that apply to the site and its environs.

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