Pre-Fab & MMC

Topics: Construction, Building, Quality control Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Pre-fab Construction and MMC
There is a very high demand in the construction industry to provide better value buildings by improved quality and performance. This has arisen because of the need of fast construction for early return of investment. Pre-fabricated modular units can provide these advantages. Modular construction uses units that have been pre-engineered in a factory ready to install on-site. Light steel framing is used as the internal framework of the units because it is light weight, durable and accurate. Once the framing is complete it is possible to attach a range of different cladding and finishes. Modular construction has numerous benefits, some of which are quick build, high quality, and low weight. It has been proven that the overall build time is 50-60% less than traditional on site construction, therefore making an early return on investment. This is simply because the units are made in a factory in parallel with site preparation and delivered to the site in perfect timing, ready to be placed into position by cranes with minimal disruption. Higher quality is achieved by factory based quality control and pre-testing. As each of the units is produced to a standard dimension and specification there is very little room for common problems which can arise in traditional construction, also there is more involvement of specialist trades providing all the correct services for units such as kitchens, bathrooms and plant rooms. Low weight of the units is because of the material which is used, steel. Steel is used as it is a structural material which is capable of achieving spans with a high load bearing capacity. It is light in weight, durable and strong allowing it to be easily handled on site and easily adaptable to change. Some of the larger benefits of modular construction are advantages of cost and environmentally less sensitive. As the speed on construction is much greater and the quality control is higher than traditional it presents lots of...
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