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Pre- Arranged Marriage

By brittanyp4940 Nov 07, 2011 1000 Words
The custom of arranging marriages is still customary in many countries. What are the advantages of arranged matrimony? Arranged marriage is an old custom which used to be practiced by royal and aristocratic families around the world. Nowadays, arranged marriages are still customary in India, Africa and, to some extent, in the Middle East. Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage

While love marriages are usually associated with romance, love at first sight and personal freedom, arranged marriages are mostly centered around building a family, adjustment between the partners and regard for the wishes of one’s family and religion. Love is believed to grow with time by living together and adjusting to each other’s personality rather than being a product of passionate attraction. This article examines the benefits of having an arranged marriage. Arranged Marriages and Family Values

One of the merits of arranged marriage is its focus on family values. Since the wishes of parents and family members are considered or even followed when choosing a partner, there will be less danger of quarrel and discord within the family. Above all, arranged marriages are less about passion and romance and more about starting a family Russian Women Marriage 24,000 Russian Women Profiles Find your Perfect Match & Marry! While the relationship between husband and wife may not be as romantic and passionate as in love marriages, there might be more satisfaction from family life. In arranged marriages, children are mostly regarded as the main source of emotional satisfaction. So there is less focus on one’s partner and less unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, there are no children conceived or born out of wedlock.

The Spiritual Benefits of Arranged Marriage
In general, arranged marriages are not about romance or superficial attraction and more about leading a balanced family life. The relative absence of passion tends to make it easier to focus on spiritual practices. Often, marriage is seen as a way of pleasing God or adhering to moral values rather than focusing on sexual and romantic satisfaction. Prearranged Marriages are More Stable

Divorce statistics seem to strongly indicate that arranged marriages work far better than love marriages do. According to the divorce demography of, India – a country where most marriages are arranged – has one of the lowest divorce rates worldwide (1.1%) compared to 46% in the USA, which means every second US American marriage ends in divorce.

Divorce Rates Depend on Social Acceptance However, the true significance of these statistics might simply be that divorce is regarded as socially unacceptable in India. As stated in an online article of, the divorce rate among middle class Indians is soaring since divorce is no longer stigmatized and women have become more independent financially. Divorce rates of Western countries used to be much lower in the past, before divorce became socially acceptable. Thus, a low divorce rate may say only a little about the actual level of satisfaction in arranged marriages. Parents Have More Life Experience

Still, the fact that partners in arranged marriages tend to have less unrealistic and emotional expectations may enhance the stability of the marriage. Another point is that parents are generally more experienced and are not likely to place much as much importance on sex appeal or external beauty when choosing a partner for their child. Mere sexual attraction and romantic emotions are no sound base for a healthy, enduring relationship. Help in Finding a Suitable Partner

Finding a partner by oneself can be quite challenging and many young people in Western countries may find dating stressful or feel apprehensive about not finding a partner at all. Arranged marriages help avoid this dating stress. With all the help of parents, family and friends, young people can feel much more confident and relaxed about finding a suitable spouse Pre-Arranged Marriages

As we all know the divorce rate in the United States are as high as they have ever been in history. It seems as each day passes the rate continues to climb. According to divorce rates are at a steadily climb since 1950. This topic has been talked about lately, but no one has actually come up with a solution to this epidemic. Truthfully, one way to control this surge is to adopt rules and regulations from other countries around the world on marriage. This would primarily consist of the pre-arranged marriage concept that many other countries perform daily. Just a quick over view on why I think the pre-arranged marriage concept is so successful is relatively simple. From the day you were born your family usually already has a member of a different family for you to marry when that day comes. So with that known you would almost have to ask yourself, since you already know who you are going to marry, then it would be a smart move to just go a head and make amends with that certain individual. Knowing you are going to spend the rest of your life with that person, because divorce is out of the question since we are trying to control that divorce rate, you would go ahead and take control of all the key ingredients that makes a successful marriage. Just like Laura Kipnis had stated in early essays, it takes a lot of compromise, a lot of trust and anything else that would be of the essence in marriage. In a typical relationship people are usually attracted to someone on the physical level. That physical level may consist of their looks, their physical make up, or even sometimes the size of their wallet. All of these things are just temporary in life. As we grow older we usually are not in the best shape of our lives. We typically change in every physical aspect. So in return that physical love and desire you once had for someone will ultimately change. Even though it might change for the better and keep that long lasting...

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