Prayer in School

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Monique Holmes Argumentative Writing Final Paper Dr. George Pullman

School prayer is a major controversy of this society. Public schools are supported with taxpayer money and you have a lot of believers who want his or her taxes to support an institution that prohibits children from praying in school, but at the same time, you have a loot of believers that don’t want to support an institution that prohibits their children from prayer in schools. The First Amendment of the United States protects both believers’ ands non believers from this situation by mandating government neutrality between belief and non belief. All children have the right to pray voluntary just not through the public school system.

Prayer Should be Allowed in the Public School System
School prayer is a very controversial issue in our society today. The question that people are having issues with is whether or not school prayer should be allowed in the public school system. The main issue is if students should be allowed to pray as a class at the start of the day. Prayer in school has been a major conflict between people therefore there have been a lot of court cases. There were a number of cases that has changed the policy of prayer in the public school system. Thomas Jefferson had spoken of public education ands said, “One goal of democracy is the recognition, solution, and tolerance of controversy; public education should prepare citizens for this reality”. People do need to be prepared because religion is a very

Holmes common controversy. If religion is removed from the public education system then one must know that the system is then defective to the school because how are children to know how to deal with the controversy that comes with religion? Prayer should be slowed in school. One must remember the Equal Access Act of 1984, which says that prayer is an important part of America’s spiritual heritage and the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). If prayer in schools is so bad like people like to say or think than how come there are so many people who are for prayer in school? School prayer shouldn’t be removed from the public school system because of the Equal Access Act of 1984. This Act states that a federally funded public high is required to permit religious meetings if clubs that are not related to the curriculum is allowed. There are a number of religious groups in some schools, but of course they don’t get the same privileges as the clubs that are non-religious related. The Equal Access Act of 1984 was formed to change this fact. At some schools, students are allowed to organize a bible study group as well as other religious clubs ( These particular clubs are allowed to meet on school grounds and they are able to advertise on school property just like the other non-religious clubs ( Students who want to have a religious club should not be influenced by the board, teachers, principals, or any staff of the school. They should not be ridiculed because of this. The Equal Access Act of 1984 is good because these students will now be able to form a religious group if they want. If athletes, musicians and artists can show and do what they believe than religious groups should be able to do the same. Prayer should be a part of our school systems because it is an important part of America’s spiritual heritage. All throughout America’s history there have been many important documents written with references to “Almighty God,” “Thy Blessings,” “Our dependence upon Thee,” and “In God We Trust.” These documents are

Holmes the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, the National Anthem, the Presidential Oath and even U.S. Currency. In school children starts the day with pledge which states “one Nation under God.” A prayer says that students just want to ask for a good day and guidance throughout the day. Prayer and religion is an important part of the American...

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