Prayer for a Happy Death

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Prayer for A Happy Death

Almighty God, Our Father in Heaven
You that gave the life to me.
You also have the right to take it back away from me.
Thank you for the life that I borrowed to you,
Because I understand what my mission in this world.

O God, when the day arrives
that you will take my life.
I will not asking you “why me?”
Instead I will delightly Accept it.

Almighty God, as I leave in this world,
Please guide my Family and Friends to accept my death.
Help them to cherish all the good and bad memories
that we’ve shared when I was alive.
Let them mourn and cried for me for a while,
but help and give them the strength that they need,
to continue their lives without me.

O God, the creator of our life,
They do not let my sad loss
Let them know,
How happy I am being with you.
Let them know how much happiness,
They brought into my life.
Let them know that I will be happy,
If they continue the good that I made when I was living.

Let them pray for my soul,
As I continue to pray for their safety.
O god please help them to remove,
the fear to confront their death.
Give them wisdom that dealing with death should not be feared, But be delight because finally we can see the father who created us.

Please guide them to do the right thing,
And be near you lord.
You who assume our sin and the Savior of the world.
You just knows everything.
Please guide them away from evil.

Almighty God, Our Father in Heaven
You are my savior
Who I trust you
Lord, I’ve given you my life
Thank you for loving me your son

Prayer for a Happy Death
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