"Pray the Devil Back to Hell"

Topics: English-language films, Starvation, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 18, 2013
“Pray the Devil Back to Hell.”

Recently we watched “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” in English class. A few of the social issues addressed were: poverty, peace and women’s rights. The women were so fed up with how their president has been treating everyone. He got young children to run around with guns and hurt innocent people. Everyone was so below poverty that children were starving to death and there was nothing the parents could do because they themselves were starving. The women wanted so badly to have peace to stop the war, the fighting, and the poverty. The women just wanted a say in what was happening around them, to get a chance to stop it all.

Prior to watching this movie I didn’t know how badly the women and children had it. I didn’t know how below poverty the how whole country was. Another thing that I really didn’t know is how much forgiveness the women had for those who did such bad things to others. The women and children were placed last compared to the men and the higher people of the government and because of that they had so much hardships put on them due to starvation. For me I would find it very hard to just forgive and forget the things that had been going on for so long. I would find it hard to trust people because I wouldn’t feel safe around them knowing that not that long ago they were shooting, killing, and raping innocent people.

I thought the movie was moving, empowering and touching. One part that was really emotional for me was when the one lady was telling a story about a woman who witnessed her husband being killed and her daughter being rapped. Anyone who can go through that much pain, disaster and hardship is a strong individual. If I were in their place I don’t know how I would be able to go through all of that day in and day out and there never be a hope of it getting better. Those women though they stuck it out and prayed so much that things got better and that just shows how amazing all of them are. This movie is...
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