Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Machine Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Personal Impact:
Community Impact:
National Impact:
Global Impact:
Future Impact:
Personal Impact
privacy and personal rights
data banks, computer terminals, data security
job opportunities, new careers, the need for retraining
business transactions
automated billing, credit cards, interac, consumer spending •the replacement of people through automation
robots, word processing
the impact that a machine has on a human - ergonomics
Community Impact
traffic control
urban planning
law enforcement
National Impact
communications media
the use of information for control
vote counting
electronic funds transfer
stock-market transactions
national data banks
shifting patterns
satellite broadcasting
the possibility of fraud or theft using computer based systems •standards for computer hardware and software
Global Impact
reporting of current events
communications media
world government
international standards
exploration of space and sea
world wide access to data
Future Impact
computers in the home
electronic mail
business transactions
information processing, storage and retrieval
the home as a work center
effect on the family unit and on familiar patterns of life •travel
computer communication as a replacement for travel
the possible disappearance of hard copy as a medium of communication •the cashless society
possible effects on the formal education system
the use of robots in industry and in the home
teleprocessing networks
people being reduced to a series of numbers on plastic cards that are processed by machines without human intervention (credit cards, bank cards, social insurance cards, health cards, etc.) •people having to deal with computers instead of human beings if there is a problem with a computer-prepared bill...
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