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I have chosen to look at Miuccia Prada because of the way she has influenced me. The way that he has used and processed her colours has enabled me to see all the different styles and techniques she has used. I was inspired by the way she has used a range of different colours in his designs and how she has used applique in some of them. I have used some of her ideas to resemble my designs and which they are similar because of the applique. Famed fashion designer Miuccia Prada was born Maria Bianchi Prada on May 10, 1949, in Milan, Italy. She was the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, who started the Prada fashion line in 1913 by manufacturing well-crafted, high-end suitcases, handbags and steamer trunks for the Milanese elite. In 1978, Prada entered her family's business and soon set to work on reimagining a company that had grown sleepy and stagnant. With the help of her future husband, Patrizio Bertelli, Prada began updating the company's merchandise with designs she'd developed herself. Working closely with her Bertelli, who'd by now become her husband, Prada quickly grew the business into a powerhouse. In 1992, she introduced a new, more affordable label called Miu Miu. Three years later, the company unveiled a line of men's clothing. Prada’s work influences me in a lot of ways, especially her different tone of colours that she mixes. Although not all her pieces are colourful the ones that are stand out in such a unique way. She has influenced my work because of the way she uses applique in some of her designs, I have used applique on the sides of my garment and it is such a nice way to develop your design. It’s reasonably easy to do and also looks incredible. I like her work a lot because of the way it shows her personality and you can tell that it is a Prada piece.
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