Practicum Report

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1. Reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel
There are reasons for choosing Tien Thinh hotel where I practice. Firstly, it hotel is ideal residence of many customers when they stop in Da Nang city. It has advantageous location. It is near city centre, station and airport. Besides, Tien Thinh hotel is near famous landscapes and history traces. Morever , the hotel have enough equipment and services make customers who is very comfortable. Therefore, Tien Thinh hotel attracted many customers and from that I learn many thing there. Secondly, majority of officers in the hotel who are cruited known English and majority of customers are foreigners. The hotel which are cruited known English and majority of customers are foreigners. Therefore, English is usually used here. From that, I can practice English which I has learned for 3 years. To sum up, two reasons: ideal residence and role of English in Tien Thinh hotel which I choose it where I practice. 2. Students’ duty at Tien Thinh hotel

My job in Tien Thinh hotel is receptionist


1. General introduction process of Tien Thinh hotel
1.1. Deverlopment process of Tien Thinh hotel


Tien Thinh hotel is a member of KIMHUNGLONG group

Short name: KHLIMEXCO
Head office: 448 Hoang Dieu street, Hai chau, Da Nang city Telephone number: 84.511.3834566
Fax: 84.511.3820748
Account number: +VND 52030599 DN CCB bank
Tax code: 0400592696
Business registration certificate number: 3204000253

Tien Thinh hotel found and used in 2000. It attain to standard 2 stars. Tien Thinh hotel have 4 floors including 25 rooms. From the hotel, customers can visit cham museum to take 5 minus, marble mountains to take 20 minus, Hoi An ancient town to take 45 minus by taxi. The hotel is designed beautifully and rooms have modern equipment

1.2 system diagram of the hotel

1.3 Facilities
. Rooms
|Type of room |Number of room |Price for Vietnamese(VND) |Price for foreigners(USD) | |Vip |9 |400000 |40 | |Dulex |8 |300000 |30 | |superior |8 |250000 |25 |


|Equipment in room |vip |dulex |superior | |Colour TV |X |X |X | |Air condition |X |X |X | |Telephone |X |X |X | |Minibar |X |X |X | |Lamp |X |X |X | |Working lamp |X |X |X | |Room light...
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