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Being a practicum student is quite memorable, it is like having a taste of real world, it is a combination of BEST and WORST experiences I ever had. It is the most unforgettable three months of my life.

This journey started when my classmates and I began to visit different companies in Gapan City, last week of October 2010. First we go to Ocho de Septiembre to file an application but the administration say that they cannot accompanied us because they have a lot of papers works to do, after that we went next in Department of Education Division of Gapan City. We are overwhelmed because the staff of the company was friendly and they welcome us very well. We asked them what would be the procedure to be an apprenticed to their company. They tell us we need to talk first to the Administrative Officer then they tell us to wait for Mrs. Brigida G. Fajardo to interview us. We give our application letter together with our resume to Mrs. Fajardo she interview us and ask about some of our skills, we answered her question well and with courteous and then she tell us to go back on November 8, 2010 for the orientation.

Mrs. Fajardo orients us on what are the things that we should do on our OJT period. She assigned us to different supervisors and department. I was assigned at the Education Supervisor Department, Mr. Oliver F. Borja handled me, and he’s an office clerk of the company. My job responsibilities as a trainee includes data encoding, I also do different kinds of letter and certificates, I also answered telephone calls and I also act as a messenger to purchase some office supplies, to pay their bills and update their bank accounts. I also assigned to Library Hub to act as a registrar for the registration of the participants for the Press Conference. My experience as a trainee prepared me to what is in store me in the real world, it provide me more skills and broader knowledge about work.

I will forever treasure the time I have as a...
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