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Different Methods by which scientific Information Are Communicated Communication is a vital tool for scientific information to be passed from one generation to another. It is for this reason that it is important when communicating to another person in scientific terms that it is audible, clear and understandable by the audience that this information is being passed on to. Below is a table showing different methods of communicating scientific information. Method Audience Why is it Suitable?

Newspapers Everyone In this mode of communication, the type of language used is a range of tenses such as simple, past and present tenses. Also the language, structure etc. are written in such a way that the reader understands what is being said. For example instead of writing it like a report, an article with the use of pictures is used Scientific journals Mostly people working in that field. I.e. a medical journal, physics magazines etc. This mode of communicating information is more advanced. The use of scientific words to explain something, or the structure in which it is written is easily understood especially to people who are working in a scientific field. Documentaries Everyone

This mode of communicating information is very attention-grabbing, thought provoking etc. This is because it is more filmic in the sense that the audience can view it from a television at the same time see images live from what the individual, scientist or anyone else wants to convey to the audience. Posters Everyone

This mode of communicating scientific information uses attention-seeking words and images to attract the audience as well as convey any information that needs to be told. Internet Everyone This is one of the most fast and popular mode of communicating scientific information to the public. Since most people around the world have access one way or another to computers, with the update of new research just one click of a button, it is easy for people get live videos, reports...
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