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Practice Test Questions, Semester 1 2010
Internet Marketing 350

1. The internet consists of all of the following except ________. a. computers with data
b. users who send and receive data files
c. a technology infrastructure to move, create, and view or listen to the content d. a central mainframe

2. According to the book, ________ is the country with highest percentage of internet users. a. the United States
b. Norway
c. China
d. France

3. E-marketing is capable of which of the following?
a. increasing benefits for customers
b. decreasing costs for customers and the firm
c. increasing the revenues of the firm
d. all of the above

4. Situation analysis should review the firm’s ________. a. environment and SWOT analysis
b. existing marketing plans
c. e-business objectives, strategies, and performance metrics d. all of the above

5. One of the biggest differences between developed countries and countries with emerging economies is/are ________. a. the limited use and acceptance of credit cards in underdeveloped countries b. the types of products purchased online

c. the clear definition of market segments willing to shop online in underdeveloped countries d. all of the above

6. Traditionally, what has the law used to protect intangible or intellectual property rights? a. copyrights
b. patents
c. trademarks
d. all of the above

7. Internal records ________.
a. focus entirely on customer characteristics and behavior b. are not readily available to marketers
c. can help marketers improve order-to-deliver and payment cycles d. are of little importance to marketers

8. Because time poverty is a problem for today’s consumers, they want _____. a. bunkering
b. appropriate benefits for the time they spend online c. more multimedia on Web...
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