Practice Exam Questions World Cities Jun 2010

Topics: Suburb, City, Urban decay Pages: 3 (2120 words) Published: April 23, 2015

Past Paper; June 2010/GEOG 3
World Cities

1. Study Figure 4, a photograph of an area of a city in India. Using Figure 4 only, comment on the characteristics of the urban landscape shown. Suggest how it could be improved. (7 marks)

Figure 4 shows a photograph of a typical squatter settlement located in India and so it is most possibly displaying the Dharavi slum in Mumbai. The photograph demonstrations the characteristics typical of squatter settlements around the world, with poorly built housing, little to no on-going improvements being made and cramped conditions owing to a high population density and noticeable due to the continuation of metal roofs cluttering the for-front of the image, and evidence by the dated and run-down high-rise apartment blocks in the background. A high population density and poor quality housing introduce the easy spread of infection and disease due to poor water quality supply and sewerage. The photograph also shows an environment appearing untidy and poorly organized with much litter, rubbish and piles of junk being simply left around housing settlements; which also helps the quick spread of illness resulting both because there are so many people living all in one very small area but also because disease will be passed on through water, sewage and pests. There is likely also to be illegal hook-ups to the electricity mains (if there is any electricity at all) and widespread crime, prostitution, drug-dealing and other social problems due to the level of poverty and lack of police control. The land on which the settlements of housing captured may also be built on land that is either illegal or unsuitable for building because it is too steep, too marshy or too polluted, and if built near to the CBD on un-owned land then families run the risk of their homes being bulldozed by local authorities and governments. City authorities in these areas are aware however of the problems of large squatter settlements, and whilst rarely...
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