Practice Arena as a Learning Environment

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Within this assignment, I will critically analyze the significance of my practice arena as a context of learning. I will then go to explore how I as a mentor can contribute to learning in practise in order to improve the learning environment.

In order to ensure confidentiality, no names of practice areas and person are identified. However, a pseudo name (with an asterisk) has been given where applicable.

For centuries it has always been the tradition of mankind to regard their working environment not only as their source of income but also as a learning portal in hope for a better future. As mankind becomes modernized, the standard expectation of self’s competency in the workplace has tremendously increased.

I am a State Registered Nurse, graduated with a diploma in 2001 and have been serving in the healthcare profession for the past 10 years. My working environment in the medical ward has its own flow of rules and routine that one has to comply. In this ward, the hierarchy of employees is determined by seniority. Every new ward staff or students that come for practical experience here will be given ample orientation regarding the rules and regulation, job description, ward layout and guidelines regarding the working procedure and workplace. As a clinical instructor, my responsibilities include scheduling the duty roster, giving orientation, supervising, assessing and evaluating the students while they are on clinical practice.

My working unit is a 31 bedded ward, where it is divided into 3 sections. The first section has 3 beds which usually admit high dependency care patients, section 2 accommodates 16 patients and the last section admits 14 patients at a time. This medical ward is a centre for referred medical cases from the surrounding area, thus the admission census is always high.

The implementation of ward or rather bed sectioning, is to facilitate in the admission of patients. It also helps in the placement of staff for the rotating shifts. Every section has a specified in-charge nurse and patient care assistants. This is to ensure that the patients in that particular section will receive sufficient nursing care.

At every shift, specified role assignment is being directed to every staff on duty. Usually there is an overall in-charge nurse and a medicine nurse, in-charge nurse for every section and runners. It is a good practise to assign certain beds to a specified nurse. This will enable the patient to have better care and also the nurse is able to prioritize and plan for the specified patient under her or his care.

In my ward, the Matron and Sister have good relationship between their staff, doctors and also to students. Good relationship also contributes to the continuous workflow of the ward.

For the updating and upgrading of skills and knowledge, my ward will organize weekly discussion of selected patient’s treatment or cases. The hospital organization also organizes lectures and demos on selected health management topics once a week for all the staffs. Besides lectures and demos, my ward also provides a conference room with computers and internet access for the doctors, nurses, students and other ward staffs. My ward also provides mentors for junior nurses or newly qualified staff nurses that come to the ward. SOP or standard operating procedures and ward policy are readily available in the conference room for reference at all times. All ward staff are required to read all the available policies and standard operating at least once every 4 months. This is to ensure that all the ward staffs are always updated of any changes that might occur(s).

Sufficient basic medical equipments such as ECG machine, cardiac monitoring machine, portable x-rays machine, portable nebulizer machine, automatic and manual blood pressure machine, blood glucose analyzer machine (DXT) and infusion pumps has made a strong impact in considering this ward as an...
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