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Topics: Civil disobedience, Demonstration, War Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 24, 2013

Watts Riots
By Trey Buchanan
I chose the Watts Riots and I am against the violent actions that were taken. The Watts Riots took several lives and the havoc created massive damage across the U.S. The Riot lasted six days before it came to a halt when, 14,000 National Guard members were sent in to stop the chaos. The riots started due to police brutality in Watts, an African American ghetto in Los Angeles. During the Riot 900 were injured 34 killed and many neighborhoods were looted and burned. These actions were completely un called for they should have kept pushing the non-violent outlook on the situation, but everyone has their breaking point. These riots I don’t think helped out much besides make them look like the bad people that they were described to be. They were treated unfairly and discriminated against, but the non-violent actions were to keep the peace among everyone and to show the whites that they were equal, without causing riots and chaos. The riots caused 45 million dollars in property damage and the riots were like chain reacted stretching from Watts in Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey which resulted in death and many injuries. I chose the Watts Riots to help show that you don’t need to use violence to get what you want the non-violent protest is less costly and it affects the Nation in a good way showing that you are willing to stand up for what you believe and not resort to violence.
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