Practical Production Media Studies Gcse

Topics: Advertising, Cosmetics, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: December 28, 2010
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For my practical production I choose to design and create 5 pages of a magazine including a front cover, an advert, a contents page, an article and a horoscope page. These 5 conventions formed to make part of a magazine that would be used to complete my practical production. This task intrigued me as I have a genuine interest in reading magazines myself, and the idea of creating and editing my own appealed to me more. I decided to pursue this task by myself as this shows originality and independence. I also thought that working independently would encourage me to come up with and develop my own ideas. I also included a contents page that contained information that was included in my magazine, although I only made 5 pages of my magazine this showed my other ideas for further pages that I had come up with. Within my magazine I created an advert for eye shadow. I took my own photo shoot to come up with a suitable picture for my advert. I developed this idea through looking through magazines that appealed to a typical woman and that included adverts for makeup, clothes, accessories e.t.c. Some of the magazines that inspired me and helped me to create my advert were look, glamour, cosmopolitan and bliss. The advert I created contained the brands logo, I choose to use a popular make up brand to use as my products company. I also choose to adverts a popular retailer (boots) were the product would be available at. I also created 2 other pages including a monthly horoscope page, and an article on the latest clothing styles and trends. This is the typical ingredients for a magazine based on fashion, as people genuinely are inspired by magazines fashion advice; this encourages people to buy fashion magazines. The clothing article was productive yet fun and included clothing styles and images from websites and shops such as top shop, miss Selfridge and new look. I wrote my own style advice to accomplish originality as well as including already...
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