Practical Healing

Topics: Medicine, Suffering, Seven deadly sins Pages: 6 (1919 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Practical Healing
By Bro. Noel Sales Barcelona
The Truth & Wisdom Society, Inc.

Is any sicke among you? let him call for the Elders of the Church, and let them pray ouer him, anointing him with oyle in the Name of the Lord… ~ James 5:14

1. What is healing?

Healing is the restoration of the mind, body and soul into its “original” or healthy state. It is the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering.[1]

2. What is a dis-ease?

The body tends to suffer due to imbalance. When the body is exposed to different pressures caused by different things, with different intensities and volumes, there would be changes in its functions, resulting to what we call illness, which is also called as disease.

3. Who is the healer?

Practically, the healer is the person that heals or the one that has become instrumental to one’s recovery from disease. A healer could be a doctor, an herbalist, a counselor, or simply a man or a woman that has comforting words.

4. Are we all healers?

It is a common belief that we all can be healers. But this has not always been the case. The Judeo – Christian scriptures stated:

Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?[2]

However, everyone could ask the Cosmos to be the channel of loving and healing energies. Since everyone in the world is suffering, it is deemed to be right and just to all of us to become a healer of sort: a comforter, an active listener, an empath, the one could understand suffering (for we, too suffer), and would find ways to alleviate this pain and suffering.[3]

5. What are the causes of illnesses and sufferings?

The Catholic tradition had introduced, as this Lowly Servant of the Universe believes, the most unique and more comprehensive way or idea of where the human and social diseases are coming from. The Seven Deadly Sins,[4] they say, are more or less, the cause of the world’s suffering. All of these are coming from the senseless desires of the Five Imperfect and Incomplete Senses,[5] which are driven by the Untrue Self, which is the Ego.[6]

6. How do we heal?

There are different forms of healing. Each is called a modality, or a method of healing. The doctors, nurses, etc. use the technique of the pill and surgery allegedly to heal the disease. However, what lacks in this method is that it does not really address the root cause of the disease. [7] That is why, while we are so many hospitals and clinics, lots and lots of people are getting sick, had become bed-ridden, suffer, then die. The focus of the healing is the well-being and the overall health of the person. It means that one must address the physical, mental, and spiritual state of the person. These three are interrelated and interconnected that to ignore one is ignoring the entire thing. If one would just resolve a problem in parts, and not in its totality, will having a difficult task of facing or solving the same problem again and again.[8]

7. What are the precautions while doing healing?

a. Know the cause of the disease

Is it karmic? Is it physical? Is it spiritual? The karmic origin of the disease is often ignored. There are some sicknesses that are not healed in order for the person to learn his lessons, to be humbled, and to become completely united with the Divine. The Apostle Paul is the best example of this.[9]

b. If it is karmic or caused by a heavy sin, which the person is not to be converted easily because of this illness, do not heal him or her. If the disease is caused by a harmful karma or by heavy sin, do not attempt to heal the person unless you wanted to take part of his or her karma.

But, brother is that possible? The answer is yes. The Apostle Paul had warned the young Timothy about this thing:

Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.[10]

The hand is the extension of your soul when you heal. When it received a...
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