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Topics: MTR, Public relations, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: December 3, 2012
In 2012 July, there is a horrible Typhoon “Vicente” attracted Hong Kong. More than 100 passengers were affected by the “MTR’s stranded passengers issue” and most of them remained stuck in trains or along platforms or in halls at several MTR stations for the entire night because of the MTR Corporation Limited base on the safety consideration ,they needed to stop the operation of the east rail line. Beside the stranded passengers the MTR’s staffs and the MTR stockholders were also affected by this trouble issue. Stakeholders:

Most of the people may think that those travel passengers were the most harmless affected In this case, however this may be only one side of the coin. In fact, most of the people may not discover the harmless effect is force in the MTR’s staff while the public opinion is only focus on the harmful effect of the passengers. The MTR’s staff did all their best in order to rush repair all the damages under the extremely poor weather but no one care about their effort and the most of the citizen only care about why the MTR would have this horrible problem solving and the compensation for their own. Thus the MTR staff at least should be received a compensation of the overtime work and some respect. Beside the MTR staff the next victim is the MTR passengers who had come across this horrible case. Those people were directly affected by this case as they lost out their valuable time in this case. They may think that this problem leaded by the chief of operating of MTR. In fact most of the criticisms are also focus on how he due with this sudden accident. Last but not least, there are still many people are related to this case and here is another example, The MTR stockholder. Stockholders are usually being affected by the poor performance of the firm or the unanticipated financial report. In this case, as most of the criticisms and the public opinions are accusing for MTR’s poor communication and post-incident arrangements, the stock...
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