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Topics: Public relations, Communication, Media technology Pages: 5 (1509 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Departement of Communication
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Universitas Indonesia
Tjut Aliffah Keumala 1106087042
By: Rizky Muhammad

Last Wednesday and Thursday on 12–13 December 2012, I joined Public Relation Conference with theme “The Dynamics of Intelligence Measurement: Strategic Communication Audit to Build and Maintain Relationships-Trust and Reputation” held by PR Society Indonesia. From that conference I gained a lot of information especially about the measurement in public relations world. One of the measurement information that is very interesting in my point of view was Monetising Digital Communication from Telkomsel Speaker; Rizky Muhammad, he talked about building brand community and monetising digital communication efforts. Before entering the measurement part, I want to explain briefly about Telkomsel Company. Telkomsel was established in 1995 as a manifestation of the spirit of innovation to develop Indonesia's leading telecommunications. To achieve this vision, Telkomsel continues to spur growth of telecom networks across Indonesia are rapidly while empowering the community. Telkomsel be a precursor to a variety of mobile telecommunications technology in Indonesia, including the first launched international roaming services and 3G services in Indonesia. Telkomsel is the first operator tested LTE broadband network technology. In Asia, Telkomsel became the pioneer of the use of renewable energy for the towers of Base Transceiver Station (BTS). Advantages of products and services make the choice Telkomsel subscribers throughout Indonesia. Entering the era of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Telkomsel continues to optimize the development of services in Indonesia by exploiting potential synergies parent company, PT Telkom (65%) and SingTel Mobile (35%). Telkomsel continues to develop services for the mobile telecommunications service cements the position as a provider of mobile lifestyle, a truly mobile lifestyle. The character of this organization is profit-making organization that deals directly with consumers versus one that doesn’t. They key word for this organization is profit, the bottom line is always important because making money is the reason the company is there, and investors depend on getting some return. Rizky Muhammad stated that Telkomsel is 7th largest mobile operator globally, got over 120 Million subscriber, have multiple brand: prepaid, postpaid and data and being a top 5 advertiser. He said that digital marketing and PR is complicated but rewarding when done right. Nowadays Indonesia is geographicly, demographicly and market in digital landscape, digital media is growing and shift happened on consumer preference towards media. As a leading telecommunication company, Telkomsel tried to follow their consumer wherever they go. Telkomsel believe that now internet is no longer a tool, but internet is a platform, a platform for conversation. It’s about connections, conversations and contributions, because we live in a conversation economy where we create, share, discuss, and exchange opinions. He informed us about Leveraging today’s consumer behavior, the key messages is AISAS (Attention-Interest-Search-Action-Share). Attention considered as in awareness stages, while interest, search and action as in preference stages and share as in action stages. Telkomsel attempt to create brand interaction such as online media. social media, mobile, content marketing, video, cinema, search engine market and still creating a 360 integrated touch points. Meanwhile, based on a survey that they have about trust in advertising, surprisingly, “recommendation from people I know” reached 92% trust, followed by “consumer opinions towards online” 70% and “newspaper article and branded website” 58%. Therefore, based on a survey above, the challenges are dramatic shift in media consumption,...
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