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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Public relations Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: May 18, 2014
1. All of the following are to be considered when making ethical decisions in public relations EXCEPT: * Ethical decisions are based on: the public interest, employer or client, * professional organization code of ethics and personal values

2. Which demographic group is the largest consumer of television, magazines, books, and newspapers? Seniors/Baby Boomers

3. “Respecting all opinions and supporting the right of free speech” is connected to which PRSA core value? Fairness

4. According to Cabot’s Foundational Principles, “It’s not what you say…its what they hear

5. Critics often complain that PRSA’s code of ethics is not helpful because not enforced, no teeth, no consequences. * There is not punishment or a way to enforce it

6. Most professional groups believe that the primary purpose of establishing codes of ethics is not enforcement but education and information. To help society understand the role of Public Relations pro organizations can play a key & powerful role in advancing ethical practice *Education

7. What do the letters ROI stand for in business? Return on Investment

8. Ethics in public relations begins with What is right and What is wrong. the individual and is directly related to his own value system as well as the good of society.

9. A person filing a libel suit usually must prove which of the following? 1.False Statement
2. Identified
3. Actual Injury
4. Negligence

10. To use an employee’s image in product publicity, sales brochures, or advertising, the organization must have a signed release on file

11. Any e-mails an employee writes at work are property of the work, ----(REAL ANSWER)SUBJECT TO MONITOR BY THE EMPLOYER

12. Which of the following can be copyright protected? Brochures, drawings, news features, cartoons, photographs, recordings, corporate symbols, slogans

13. All of the following are suggestions for “winning” in the court of law and the court of public opinion EXCEPT: carefully planned...
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