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PETRA’s cosmetics:

i’ll walk alone

Service in the military is a tradition of Bayaua family
who’s residing at Tuguegarao City , and the whole
province of Cagayan is very proud of their family clan.

Pedro’s great grandfather Sergio Bayaua served to
General Emilio Aguinaldo during the Spanish Era and has a
rank of major officer, while his grandfather Donato Bayaua
served as officer in Philippine Army during American Regime
and Japanese Era and his father Fernando , also became an
army officer and retired as colonel. His father together with his great grandfather and grandfather received a medal awarded
because of their bravery. Their friends and neighbors regard them as a role model for their children.

And recently, the Bayaua family’s pride was
picked when Fernando discovered that his teenage
son Pedro was showing unmanly behavior. And later
on Fernando saw Pedro applying make up on his
face. Pedro’s father became Fernando angry on him
at that time,the later on Fernando also found out that
his son displayed special interest in cosmetics,
Fernando’s classmate in high school Miss Rosario
Mariano told to him that his son was able to convince
her to buy cosmetics in the amount of P12,500.00. It
also turned out later that Pedro was also able to
convince nine ladies to buy from him.

With Pedro interest in selling , he chose to
enroll in business course. He tried to support himself
by selling cosmetics . This he did instead of applying
for the cadetship course at the Philippine Military
Academy the alma mater of his father . Fernando was
disappointed enough to think his son would not be
successful in anything that he does.

When Pedro graduates from
college he thought of formally starting his
career in entrepreneurship , just like his
uncle Teodoro , Pedro thought of the great
emotional stair; that torments his father
nevertheless he decided to learn the
steps on how to successfully operate a
cosmetics retail shop.

Guide Question:
Do you think
Pedro’s personality
will not be a
hindrance to his
deign of being a

If this is all about that he is a bisexual
then YES , it will not be a hindrance to him
to succeed in his preferred profession, as
long as he loved his work and what he is
doing , there is nothing to be worry about.
In fact he can be more productive in his
work because when he was a teenager he
was able to provide his needs because of
selling cosmetics.

And Pedro is a positive individual he always
think of the good sides, because when his
father disagree with him when he took the
course in business, he find ways to get
enrolled in that course , he find ways to
provide what he is need and to sustain his

And nowadays there are many
successful bisexual that succeed in
their preferred profesions like Mr. Joel
Cruz with his perfume business and Mr.
Fanny Serrano in cosmetics.

And we also advice him
that he should not listen to what
other people say , instead make
it as an inspiration for him to
succeed in his business.

Presented by :
 Group I
Adelante, jessica
Alingas, mae ann
Bautista, joshua
Abadsantos, ellaine
Baylon, lemuel
Bitangcol, genesis
Busuego, nikka
Caliso, kristine kaye
Canasa, mariann
Castillo, myla

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