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Class: XI IPA
Semester: IV
Subject: English
Day/Time: Thursday/07.15 – 08.45 am

Competency standard: Express the meaning in writing functional text and the simple Short essay which form procedure to interact with environment

Basic competency: Express the meaning and rhetorical step in short simple essay with using written language accurately, fluency, and accepted to interact with environment in text which form procedure. Indicator: - Arrange the procedure text

- Write the procedure text
Aspect/skill: Writing
Objective learning: In the end of learning, the student will be able to
write procedure text

Learning Material
Monolog text form:
How to make a cup of coffee




Hot Water


A spoon

A cup


First prepare a cup and a spoon

Then put some coffee and sugar to the cup

And the next and some hot water to the cup

After that stir well until enough

Finally a cup of coffee is ready to drink

Vocabulary which is involved with the material:

Verb : beat, boil stir, mix, slice, peel, prepare and etc.

Noun : flour, salt, butter, soup, garlic, egg, water and etc.

Learning Method

Portofolio, Cooperative learning, learning (pair work)

Step of learning

a. Pre activity (15 minutes)

- Greeting and asking student condition

- Check attendance list

- Asking about the last material

- Motivate student to study hardly about the material that teacher has given.

b. While activity (60 minutes)

- Remaining student’ prior knowledge and inviting students’ prior knowledge

- Student give explanation to student about the material

- Teacher ask students to make some group

- Teacher give example of Procedure text

- Student concern with the teacher’s explanation

- Teacher asks each of group to making procedure text.

c. Closing activity

- Asking student about the difficult item in learning process

- Making conclusion together with the students about the material

- Give homework about the other descriptive and procedure text

- Closing the learning process

Source of Study
- Text Book, English For a Better life By Marta Yuliani, Gandes Cukat Permaty - Script teks procedure
Written test
I. Arrange the sentences in the correct order

How to start computer?

a. After a few minutes you will see a windows menu on the monitor

b. Press the right button of the monitor

c. Press the power button on

d. First, plug in the power cord

e. Move the arrow pointer onto the start menu and click it

f. Finally, click the program menu and choose MS Word

g. Now, you are ready to type

h. Then, hold the mouse gently.

Marking scheme
• Maximal score= 20
• Student mark=

|No |Essay |Skor | |1 |Accurate in grammar, coherent, diction accurately and easy to understand |20 | |2 |Less accurate in grammar, coherent, diction accurately, still able to understand |15 | |3 |Less accurate in grammar, not coherent, diction not accurate, difficult to understand |10 | |4 |Poor grammar, not coherent, bad diction, can not to understand |5 | |5 |Very untidy/full irregular |0 |

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