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PP Professionalism PGCE Mar14

By jbsamuels19 Dec 02, 2014 771 Words
 Exploring ‘Professionalism’ in FE by way of:
 Standards
 Subject expertise and links to industry

Professionalism in
Defining professionalism:

Cambridge dictionary

Dual professionalism
 Qualified in subject
 Qualified in teaching

Standards in subject / field of

Industry standards
Involvement (authority, contributory e.t.c)

Qualifications in teaching
 Withdrawal of requirements –
Sep 13 Government removal of requirement that
teachers of colleges and independent learning
providers have to be qualified
 Standards –
How are standards maintained with removal of
teaching qualifications?
Lord Lingfield, Professionalism in further education: Interim report (2012)


Other ‘Standards’ in
 Individual institution to implement their own
requirements – Could be good or bad
 Maintaining our own practice – only if
 Having the thirst for learning and developing
in our industry and / or teaching – motivation
 Ways to do this / are they successful - looked
at by Gitte and Joel

Profession or vocation?

A question………..
 Therefore I leave you with the
question – should we refer to our
teaching as a vocation or

Teacher = Professional
1. Meeting standards
2. Performing
professional tasks
3. Staying professional =
“A commitment to CPD
is an essential part of
being a professional”
(Armitage et al, 2007)

According to Hattie...
Deep knowledge of
learning process (+
subject integration)
= Expert teacher
= Excellent teacher
= Professional teacher

.. and is required of IfL membership
(Petty, 2009)

What CPD? –

Continued/Continuous Professional Development

Professional development activities
Reflecting on learning
Evidence of difference made & impact
What counts as CPD?
Reading relevant journal articles
or reviewing books
Taking training courses or
formal development or study
Peer review, mentoring or
Online learning incl.
engagement in discussion
forums and blogs
Viewing and reviewing
television programmes,
documentaries and the internet

Top 5 CPD strategies
Reflective practice
Online resources
In-house team working
Peer observation

(IfL, 2012)

Collaborative and sustained CPD

Shared learning
and support
between at least
two teacher
colleagues on a
sustained basis
Sustained CPD:
programmes of at
least 12 weeks or
one term

(IfL, 2012)


Mini survey - highlights


CPD available
Effective (impact)
Online resources
Peer obs/reflective
practice 2nd
25-50 hours/year


Lack of time

To implement

For subject esp.
Lack of budget
Only internal
Repetition of PGCE

Successful teaching in Finland

“They teach only four lessons daily, with two hours a week devoted to "professional development" – and their
professional autonomy is sacrosanct.”
"The freedom to teach without the constraints of
standardised curricula and the pressure of standardised
testing; strong leadership from principals who know the
classroom from years of experience as teachers; a
professional culture of collaboration; and support from
homes unchallenged by poverty.”

Who is responsible?

The British Council Education
defines our duties;
 We provide Employers with a
 UK further education providers
have strong links with industry.
 Many courses are designed in
partnership with, and taught by,
industry professionals.
 Some offer you the option of a
year in industry too, an excellent
way to prepare you for the world
of work

The Institute for Learning
stipulate the highest
standards for teaching,
training and leanring:
“having deep knowledge,
conceptual understanding and
expertise in teaching and
learning processes and
contexts for diverse learners,
matched with expert subject
knowledge and skills
IfL 2012

Who do we work for?

Our strong connections to our industry / networks
Providing employers with employees
Our institution needs to believe in us.

“Teachers, trainers and learners have to recontextualise
theoretical and occupational knowledge to suit specific
situations. Both types of knowledge are highly dynamic. So
individuals need to carry on learning through being exposed
to new forms of knowledge and practice in order to make real the line of sight to work.”
CAVTL (2013)

We need to make sure we have the
skills we need to drive an economic
upturn and thrive in an increasingly
competitive global economy.
BIS and its agencies, colleges and
training providers must all prioritise
co-investment, in conjunction with
the quality and responsiveness of
Banks 2010

 Government
 Businesses
 Employers
 Individuals

References / Bibliography
Armitage, A. et al (2007) Teaching and Training in Post-Compulsory Education, 3 Edition Maidenhead: Open University Press
Institute for Learning (2012) 2011 –12 IfL review of CPD: Making professional learning work London: IfL. [online],–12_IfL_Review_of_CPD.pdf (Accessed on 31 March 2014)

Petty, G., (2009) Evidence-Based Teaching: A Practical Approach, Cheltenham, Nelson Thornes nds-no-inspections-no-league-tables-and-few-exams-approach.html (accessed 27 March 2014)

Banks, C (2010). Independent Review of Fees and Co-Funding in Further Education in England: Co-investment in the skills of the future. London
CAVTL (2013) The summary report of the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning: Excellent adult vocational teaching and learning. Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)

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