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PowerPoint Content Rubric
Research, Design, & Development
Mr. HolmesStudent(s) Name: __________________________________________________Date: ________________ Multiplier: 1.0 .75 .5 Percentage Score Content: Relevant, informative, and accurate information. Focused and consistent with topic. Shows understanding and comprehension of task requirements. Many illustrations. Somewhat relevant, or some inaccuracies, somewhat focused. Consistent with topic, but did not understand or ignored some task requirements. Some illustrations. Many inaccuracies, lack of focus, or inconsistent with topic and task requirements. May be unnecessarily repetitive. Few or no illustrations. 30 Quantity: Quantity of content and material presented consistent with task requirements. Quantity of content somewhat incomplete or somewhat exceeds requirements. Quantity of content is significantly incomplete or greatly exceeds requirements. 20 Style: Material presented with unique and interesting style and personality. Inspires curiosity about topic, while being appropriate for topic and audience. Readable font and color scheme. Material shows some attention paid to style, although a bit misdirected or inappropriate for topic or audience. Readable font and color scheme. Material shows little attention to style. Inspires little curiosity about topic, or is distracting. Font and/or color scheme may make reading difficult. 20 Organization: Topic breakdown follows logical pattern and flow. Easy to follow. Includes proper headings or outlines. Introductions and conclusions where appropriate. Topic somewhat disorganized, presentation of material understandable, somewhat difficult to follow. Incomplete slide headings. Topic not properly organized, presentation of material does not flow, or is very difficult to follow. Few, if any headings. 15 Writing Conventions: Follows rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Very few or no conventional writing errors....
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