Powerhouse Gym Marketing Plan

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Powerhouse Gym Marketing Plan

3.5 Marketing Mix Strategies

3.5.1Product Strategy

Powerhouse Gym product strategy should be to attract and retain business. The main goal should be to promote a positive atmosphere and unforgettable experience that helps their clients lead a healthy lifestyle. By offering exceptional product coupled with pleasing experience to promote repeat business. By separating its experience from other gyms will give Powerhouse Gym the edge from their competitors. One of the ways to separate themselves would be product offerings such as providing state of the arts exercise equipment, professional trainers leading exercise classes, and personal training helping with nutrition advice. By offering these products will help maintain high quality standards for the Powerhouse Gym. Powerhouse Gym primary focus is exercise, that is what their gym offers and thus their primary products are exercise equipment for aerobic & cardio. The various products the gyms offers are treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary cycles, and stair-climbers, free weights and strength equipment. In addition, offering exercise classes for both adults and children such as Cycle, Body Sculpt, Pilates, Yoga, Step, Abs, Cardio Combo, Youth Boot Camp, Youth Kickboxing, Youth S.A.Q., and Youth P.E are also part of primary products.

Secondary products for Powerhouse Gym are child day care as there are many residential neighborhoods in the area that are compromised of families. Also offering travel benefits to other PG clubs is included in the secondary product.

Furthermore to expand on Powerhouse Gym's product strategy it would include supporting services. Such as tanning, hydro massage, sauna, and steam rooms they offer. The product levels are core benefit which is buying the right to exercise. The basic product for Powerhouse Gym is that buyers use equipment and participate in the group exercise classes. The augmented product the quality and...
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