Power, Survival and Loss of Innocents

Topics: William Golding, The Lord of the Rings, Faber and Faber Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Comparative Essay

This comparative essay, will be comparing three different themes that relate to the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and the movie” The Blindness” directed by Ferdinando Meirelles. In both novel and movie, the people try to make successful societies, but with all society there is power struggles, loss of innocence’s and survival of the fittest. This is evident throughout both the movie and the novel. The novel and the movie create a vivid image of what is going on. In the novel the group of boys are trying to survive and attempt to create a society but loses control because of power, and this also In turn creates loss of innocence’s. In the movie, the same thing happens when they are quarantined and have to survive the doctor's wife tried to take control but one of the rebellious blind men found a gun and took the food and supplies. They also created chaos within the quarantined area which led to the death of innocent lives Because of the soldier’s foolish acts.

The first point that will be discussed is power, the theme power is seen throughout the movie and novel continually; in “Lord of the Flies” power is evident when the group of boys elect Ralph to be chief, he willingly accepted this role as being the leader of the clan. He took charge by appointing positions for everyone like hunters, gathers, cleaners and etc.”Ralph, Ralph let him be chief with the trumpet thing......’they could be the army-‘’or hunter”. (Golding 19) Ralph displayed his power by taking control of the situation. This helps to differentiate between a good leader and a bad leader through their actions in dealing with power. “We don’t want you,” said jack, flatly, “Three’s enough.” (Golding 21) This show how arrogant jack really was and how bad of a leader he reveals himself to be. But on the other hand Ralph is much more of an inspirational example than jack “we’ve got to have special people looking after...

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Golding, William.Lord of the Flies. 3 Queen Square London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1954. Pint.
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