Power Politics

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Power Politics

Power is a discursive phenomenon existing significantly from the psyche of an individual to the structure of the whole universe. In between these the power has an influential authority in the discussion of politics. In relation to the politics the word power is explained as “the ability of one person to cause another to do what the first wishes, by whatever means”.

On the other hand, politics, at first as the making of decision, has a second characteristic which always involves the exercise of power. This power consist a wide variety of tools that help one person and affect the action of another. Power may be stark or it may be subtle but simultaneously it may be exercised as coercion, as persuasion, or as a construction of incentives. The ability to exercise any of these forms of power may be based on all sorts of things like money, affection, physical strength, legal status, the possession of important information, a winning smile, strong allies, determination, desperation and many more. All these are a wide sense of the variety and complexity of power but not an exhaustive limit of its important sources. However the point is that all politics involves the use of power and such power may take varied forms and influences.

Acceptable politics is the best means of exercise of power or in other words power gets exercised by politics effortlessly. Such a role of power in politics is identified as manifest power and implicit power. Manifest power is based on observable action by A that leads B to do what A wants. In case of implicit power, B does what A desires not because of anything A says or does it because 1) B senses that A wants something done and 2) for any variety of reasons B wishes to do what A wants to do. In such a condition both because power is important to politics and because it is difficult to measure precisely how and when power exercised, there are recurrent disputes within political science about how much power; we can say that all politics is based on some form of power and that its sources may be highly varied. For most questions about politics, however, it is necessary to examine what sort of power is involved. For all sort of political analysis, it is helpful to bear in mind that we are dealing with power of one sort or another; but the realization may often serve rather as a background or setting for our analysis.

In every political party and government or non-government organizations, any success or failures depends largely upon the leader or his leadership qualities. A leader is someone who inspires the members of the organization, or guide and motivates the workers to achieve desired goal or objective. Hence in every filed leader and his leadership qualities are very essential.

Pfiffner and Presthus define leadership “as the act of coordinating and motivating individual and groups to achieve desired ends”.

In the view of G.R.Terry – leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for mutual objectives.

Kontze and O’Dennel describe the leadership as the activity of persuading people to cooperate in the achievement of a common objective. According to Ordway Tead leadership is the activity of influencing people to cooperate in the achievement, of a common objective which they come to find desirable.

Leadership Democratic politics consists of the making of common decision for an individual or a group through the use of power. Though the concept engages absolute clarity it is difficult to decided the set of ideologies that takes part in utilizing the set of political action. In this condition the politics of choice has to be considered whether as a choice to accomplish the domination of some people or as the domination of some ideologies. The ideologies of political leadership which are to be considered could be historical, cultural and psychological as well. All these ideologies or...
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