Power Play for Juwan Howard

Topics: Washington Wizards, Negotiation, Miami Heat Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Power Play for Howard
“Successful negotiation involves the management of tangibles (e.g., the price or the terms of an agreement) and also the resolution of intangibles”. (Lewicki, Sanders, and Barry 2005 p. ) With regard to Juwan Howard, the Washington Bullets all-star free agent forward went into negotiation with David Falk over a $100 million contract that was offered by NBA. The negotiations that took place were complicated as all parties involved had to decide what the others move was going to produce. In the end Juwan Howard implemented value by comparing and contrasting the teams’ offers with respect to his personal value. Howard conducted integrative negotiation procedures to produce a “win-win” situation for all parties concerned. To follow in this case study Team A will evaluate the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the negotiation from the perspective of all parties involved. Brief Summary of Case Study

The Juwan Howard case centers on knowing the engagement rules of negotiation. In this case, the rules were many and some rules were hidden. Juwan Howard was ready to test the free agent market. His contract with his current team the Bullets was ending and he was ready to see what the market had in store for him. He loved living and playing in Washington and the fans wanted to see him take the team to the NBA Title Playoff. Thinking of Washington as home and admiring the beaches of Miami. Juwan and his agents were looking for a specific amount for his contract. One thing Juwan Howard did in the negotiation process was to let the teams give him their offer first. Howard and his agents also did research on the market and knew what the fair market value was for a player of Howard’s caliber. The Bullets knew what they could afford. Miami knew what they could afford and it seemed as if Miami was willing to give more to have the Michigan star. The NBA has rules for salary cap for all teams as no team is allowed to...
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