Power Play for Howard - Case Study

Topics: Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, National Basketball Association Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Case Study: "Power Play for Howard"
Derek W. Griffin
November 1, 2012
Juan Mobley

Case Study: "Power Play for Howard"
The need for a championship is a powerful force in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Anytime a star player becomes a free agent the negotiations begin. So was the case for Juwan Howard. Coming off all an All-Star year with the Washington Bullets and All-Rookie honors the year before, Juwan Howard was a free agent who was desperately sought out by the Miami Heat (Robeson, 2010). In the sports world this sort of negotiations happen all the time. Below will briefly describe the case study parameters and evaluate tangible and intangible benefits associated with negotiating contracts from Juwan Howard perspective and teams general managers perspectives. Case Study “a Power Play for Howard”

Juwan met with his agent, David Falk, the night of July 11th at Chevy Chase Pavilion to negotiate 100 million dollar contract offers from NBA team executives. The fans for the Washington Bullets did not want to see their star player leave. Bullet fans flooded the street in hopes to convince Jawun to stay and lead the team to its first winning season in nine years. Juwan loyalty lay with his team and fans, for that Falk gave the Bullets General Manager Wes Unseld the honor of making the first offer. “Unseld offered a seven year, 78.4 million dollar contract” (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2007, p. 616). The offer would pay Jawun Howard a lucrative per game income of over $130,000 for the next seven years. Unfortunately, loyalty has its limits. Howard, with tears in his eyes, turned the offer down and looked elsewhere. It would not take long for a player of this caliber to receive more offers. By noon the next day, Howard was offered a 100.8 million dollar contract from Miami Heat General Manager Pat Riley. Money was not the only benefits to come with the deal. Howard was guaranteed the finest hotel suits along with limousine services for...

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