Power Plant Optimization through New Processes and Technologies

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AUGUST 23, 2012

Power Plant Optimization through New Processes and Technologies By Ritika Agrawal and G. Ganapathiraman

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India's growing economy and the expansion of its manufacturing industry contribute to the country's increasing dependence on energy. Currently, total installed generation capacity is over 200 GW, and is going to be over This Insight gives an overview of the present energy demand and supply gap in India. The highlight is on strategies for effective energy management, utility management system, and tools to optimize power plant performance.

400 GW by 2022. The country imports coal, oil, and gas to meet the needs of its expanding electric power industry and other process industries. To sustain its economic growth, India needs to expand its capacity to manufacture cement, metals, and other commodities. Typically, these industries

are energy intensive, which further increases the energy demand. Therefore, the country and its industrial companies are focusing on energy management and energy conservation. ARC Advisory Group's tenth India forum in Hyderabad in July focused on Transforming Industry through New Processes and Technologies for process and batch industries. At the forum, suppliers discussed optimization of plant operations through various strategies, such as energy management and renovation and modernization of process and power plants. Manish Kumar Singh, Engineering and Consulting Group, Siemens, discussed energy management issues along with the company's end user client Sanjay Mantri, Associate Director, Dr. Reddy's Lab, who presented a case study on a Utility Management System (UMS). Debashish Patra, Additional General Manager, Steag Energy Services, India, recommended tools that can help power plants optimize performance.


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Energy Management Challenges
Manish Kumar Singh, Engineering and Consulting Group, Siemens, said that energy is a vital cost component as it typically constitutes over 30 percent of total production cost. In India, there is a dire need to bridge the prevalent demand and supply gap. Conventional sources of energy (coal) are in short supply, making the country import-dependent, which impacts pricing. Singh said that energy requirements differ from plant to plant: steam and power; chilled brine; chilled water; and compressed air. It is also very important to look at the effluents that are generated at the time of production. Presenting his thoughts on implementing energy management he said it should start by creating transparency, and end by optimizing operations.

Utility Management System
Sanjay Mantri, Associate Director – Automation Systems, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, presented a case study on the utility management system installed in Dr. Reddy's Lab, and explained how the company optimizes energy in three ways. First, it reviews the currently available equipment; second, it looks at the fuel-energy cost at the time of benchmarking; and third, it reduces fuelenergy costs and looks for alternatives. Many other utilities in an organization consume significant energy and optimization can be achieved if it channels all the energy in one single level. To achieve this, companies need to centralize monitoring, minimize human intervention, employ stringent

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quality management, benchmark the system, and implement safety measures. Mantri said that UMS is a single window automation system for centralized monitoring or control of utility equipment to improve its performance by utilizing real-time data, status, and alarms. UMS benefits are made visible as all the utility equipment such as pumps and cooling towers are started or stopped from the central SCADA system. Systems are provided in the utility office...
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