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Giral Lignite Power Limited,

Company Synopsis
Salient Feature
Coal Handling Plant
Boiler Auxiliary Equipments
Ash Handling Plant

 Giral Lignite Power Plant (GLPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited (RRVUNL).
RRVUNL is a state government owned corporation working in
field of power generation
 Giral Lignite Power Limited is situated about 12Kms from village Bhadka at Barmer-Jaisalmer National Highway.

1. Plant Capacity


2. Location

Village: Thumbli At Giral,43 Km from

3. Fuel

(i) Lignite 6000 MT per day.
(ii) Lime 1500 MT per day.

4. Water

Indira Gandhi canal at Mohangarh
through 600 mm & 165 km long

5. Land Cost

661.25 Bighas : Rs.41.08 Lacs

6. Project cost

Unit-I 764 Crores
Unit-II 750 Crores

A Thermal Power Plant converts the heat energy of coal into electrical energy. Coal is burnt in a boiler which converts water into steam. The expansion of steam in turbine produces mechanical power which drives the generator coupled to the turbine.

Thermal Power Plants contribute maximum to the generation of Power for any country.

Works on Rankine Cycle.
Thermal Power Plants constitute 75.43% of the total installed captive and non-captive power generation in India.
In thermal generating stations coal, oil, natural gas etc. are employed as primary sources of energy.

General Layout of Thermal Power Station

Rankine Cycle

Coal Handling Plant
• The function of coal handling plant is automatic
feeding of coal to the boiler furnace.
• A thermal power plant burns enormous amounts
of coal.
• A 200MW plant may require around 2000 tons
of coal daily
• following are the process of plant-:
1. Unloading process
2. Feeding process
3. Screening process
4. Crushing process
5. Stacking process
6. Reclaiming process
7. Bunkering process

Pulverizing Plant
•In modern thermal power plant , coal is
pulverized ground to dust like size and
carried to the furnace in a stream of hot

•Pulverizing is a means of exposing a
large surface area to the action of
oxygen and consequently helping
•Pulverizing mills are further classified
1. Contact mill
2. Ball mill
3. Impact mill

•A boiler or steam
generator is a closed vessel
in which water under
pressure, is converted into
•The Boiler used in this
plant is classified as:
water tube
Two Pass
Tangentially Fired

Steam Flow

Boiler Auxiliary Equipments
 Draft fans
 Economiser
 Superheater

 Reheater
 Air preheater

Draft system
• The circulation of air is caused
by a difference in pressure,
known as Draft.

• Draft is a differential pressure
b/w atmosphere and inside the
• It is necessary to cause the flow
of gases through boiler setting
• It may be –
1. Natural draft
2. Mechanical draft

Superheater is a component of a steam-generating unit in which steam, after it has left the boiler drum, is heated above its saturation temperature.

Flue gases coming out of the boiler carry lot of heat. An economizer extracts a part of this heat from flue gases and uses it for heating feed water. This use of economizer results in saving coal consumption and higher boiler efficiency.

Power plant furnaces may have a Reheater section containing tubes heated by hot flue gases outside the tubes. Exhaust steam from the high pressure turbine is rerouted to go inside the Reheater tubes to pickup more energy to go drive intermediate or lower pressure turbines.

Air Preheaters
After flue gases leave economizer, some further heat can be...
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