Power of Abstract Art

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Abstract vs. Representation

‘The Heroes’ – By Shayne Dark
‘Force of Nature’ – By Shayne Dark

All abstract art exists to achieve an objective. It’s composition of form, line, and colour attempt to create a reaction in a way that is independent from visual references in the world . More often than not, abstract art aims at provoking motivating forces within people. John Lennon once said, “there are two basic motivating forces in life: fear and love” . Truly great abstract art is able to surface these forces without any real representation.

Shayne Dark seeks a similar objective through his artistic works within the “Critical Mass” exhibit at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre; to trigger one’s need to project interpretations, or representation, through non-representational abstract forms . Through the use of powerful monochrome technique, Dark’s ‘The Heroes’ piece offers a sense of comfort provided by six individual sculptures that cultivate recognition of family and love. Adversely, his ‘Force of Nature’ piece triggers an undeniable fear, accompanied by countless memories that would ideally be forgotten.

It is understandable that a single piece of abstract art will prompt a multitude of different reactions amongst people depending on how they perceive the artwork. Experience, background, and memories are all factors that play a role in how one observes the art. The ability for one art form to generate a vast number of reactions without changing itself is what makes abstract art special. It is life prior to first seeing the artwork that establishes the predetermined result of abstract art on an individual.

The number of sculptures that make up the ‘The Heroes’ is what initiates an emotional response when viewing the exhibit. Suitably titled, the six sculptures link an immediate connection for me, as there are six members that make up my family. Establishing this family connection instantly produces an emotional reaction where love for the...
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